Welcome to Lead On Dog Shop

With a passion to show you how feeding our dogs a great diet can improve their overall health and wellbeing we are now growing out stock of Fresh Food suitable for dogs.

We want to help to enhance your Dogs Lives and make them happier, more relaxed, better behaved through positive stimulation. We all want our dogs to be happier so look no further than us!

We source some of the
best raw dog food

We are proud of the variety of raw food brands that we stock, giving your dog a great choice.

We stock Raw Chunks, Raw Bones, Raw Fish.  We have Chunky Minces, as well as those of a smoother consistency.

We have single protein, boneless and offal free. Whatever your dog prefers we are confident that we will have it.

Eden dog food stockist

At Lead On Dog Shop we are always looking for the best dog foods.  Eden Holistic Pet Foods pride themselves on formulating a range of dog foods that caters to the the nutritional need of your pet. Developed in consultation with vets and nutritionists, all our dog food contains the best quality meats, fruits and vegetables, and is completely grain and gluten free.

Dogs are carnivores so they need good meat as part of their diet. Eden’s delicious dog food recipes have been tailored to your dog’s needs.  They containing high meat/fish content, a range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and minerals making it the perfect balanced dish for even the fussiest of dogs.