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Lead On Dog Shop features a range of natural and holistic dog foods, durable & interactive dog toys and quality accessories.

At Lead On Dog Shop, we have spent years observing not only our own pets (mostly dogs!), but also our canine clients through our dog walking service. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves in the process of building and growing our business, but more importantly about our loving and faithful companions.

Initially spurred on by a seeming lack of certain products in the market and a desire to share our extensive knowledge on the best dog foods, durable toys that are all tried and tested by our ‘in-house’ testers, and tips on training and how to deal with any behavioural issues.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, or not sure what dog food is right for your dog…give me a call and I’ll be happy to discuss the best options with you. We pride ourselves on our personal service.


Hi” – I’m Elly (pictured here with one of my rescue dogs, Spud).

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website.

Lead On Dog Shop began over 5 years ago, after I’d left my business management job in “The City” to start my own business.  At the time, I started to build out a dog walking service in Berkshire, and found that I really enjoyed the freedom of being outdoors and getting lots of exercise while helping others who worked their ‘day jobs.’

Over time, I developed a keen interest in dog behaviour.  This was down to having a couple of canine clients who needed a little extra attention for various reasons…and I wanted to learn how to speak ‘Dog.’  I began enrolling in behaviour training courses for dogs, and the more courses I attended, the more confident I felt with my own dogs as well as the packs that were under my care each day.

I am fascinated by dog behaviour, and attend all the classes I can – and have since become a(n) [unaffiliated] professional trainer and behaviourist.

So – why the online shop?

The more dogs I walked, the more I heard other dog owner share their stories of how difficult it was to keep their dogs occupied/entertained during the day so the dogs were less destructive around the house.  Many of my clients explained that despite the claims of so many ‘tough’ toys on the market, they would get destroyed in a matter of minutes in some cases. So, I had my ‘AH-HA’ moment!

Why Only Natural Dog Food?

I have now been working with Eden Holistic Dog Food for over 4 years, virtually since they started.  Many many years ago there were only a few suppliers of dry dog food and most of us fed tins and biscuits.  With only a few suppliers it was not difficult to chose what we felt was best for our dogs.  Over the years this market grew and grew and to research every dog food brand in the country would prove extremely difficult.  That is where I come in.  I research all brands of dog foods and am continually checking on new brands that appear on the market.  Some brands change along the way aswell, changing their quality of ingredients, their location and their ethics.  I also keep my ear to the ground on your behalf to make sure that what I recommend is the best.  As an independent retailer I can sell any brand however I truly believe in the Eden brand.

Recently we have launched our own brand Tingley, this still follows our ethics and values of being totally natural and Grain Free.  With a minimum of 50% meat content, however for those on a budget this is the perfect choice.

We now have an extensive range of Natural Dog Treats to compliment the Dog Food Range.

What if I enlisted some of my toughest canine clients to test out the toys?

Research shows that Dog Toys can enhance your dogs life whether you realise it or not. From the time they are puppies and need a toy to chew on to push through their new teeth, or as my ‘senior’ dog just loves the interaction with us his owners, or his ‘pack’ friends. Having the right toy is also important as although if you leave your dog it is unlikely to play with their toys in your absence, they would probably chew a Kong full of Betty Miller Treats or a Busy Buddy Bone or any of the ‘Boredom Buster‘ toys.

Toys can be used for all sorts of interactions for your dog, from feeding using bowls such as Green Interactive Feeder or the Kyjen Slo Bowls for example…or training using ‘tuggies’ / ‘pullers‘ to motivate your dog and gain their interest in you.

We wanted Lead on Dog Shop to only sell tried and tested POSITIVE Dog toys and products that our own dogs love and have been value for money. With this in mind, some of the Lead On Dog Walking Dogs, have also trialled the products. This trial period has been invaluable to give you, the Dog Owner realistic information on the toys that we are selling.

Also along the way, we were often asked about what dog foods were best – so our passion for training led us to learn more about the food we were feeding our own dogs.  We began looking to answer the question as to whether the foods we were feeding our dogs had any impact on dog behaviour and the mission became to create a holistic approach to caring for our dogs, their diet and their training. We do believe that a good quality dog food, whether you feed raw, or kibble, or wet food – should provide a balanced diet. Read the labels and do a little research.

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I have 4 amazing dogs of my own, and my dog walking service has grown in the local area to include myself and 2 other dog walkers, who are also like-minded about this holistic approach to their dog’s needs and have developed their own passions and areas of expertise. We love the challenge of being faced with a question we don’t know the answer to – it means we are still learning!

So, who are the testers?

Step on in and learn more about our testers by group.  We call them ‘Customer Services’ and personally, I think we have an AMAZING team!

Meet the Testers



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