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Homer with his K9Connectables

Homer 3 weeks ago before accident

Homer walking on his own – a bit hairy but he is determined

In the unit foraging for food – his favourite

Homer, my Dalmatian at 14 was never going to get old.  3 weeks ago he was still walking and keeping up, unless he found something tasty, with us on walks.  He didn’t want to be left at home and enjoyed, although loudly playing with Harry his youngest brother.  He did have wobbles on his legs and I could tell they were inevitably not as strong as before.

So his dad and I decided we would have a nice walk one Sunday morning which turned into a complete nightmare.

As usual Spud and Harry were zooming around and chasing squirrels etc as they do, when about half way around Harry ran into Homer!!!!!  Homer went down and couldn’t get out.  He had a floppy back leg…..

Dave and I managed to carry him about 30 minutes to the car and rushed him to the vets.

We discussed his prognosis, especially being 14 and made a decision that if it was dislocated we would repair but if fractured we would have to say our goodbyes.  It was a very emotional time and in all Homers years I had never seen him so quiet and reserved.  This had all happened in 2 hours.

Luckily it was dislocated and the vet repaired him and sent him home.  I like my dogs at home immediately as I feel I can care for them just as well in this sorts of cases.

All the crates came out, lots of vet bed, padding and extra covers to make him as comfy as possible.  He had his back leg in a sling.  Luckily owning the shop I had just got stock of the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness.

Homer was already wobbly on his front legs and now with only 3 legs we had a lot of hard work to do together to get him exercised and comfortable.  Carrying his 25 kgs, I found muscles where I never knew where they were.  He couldn’t go out into our garden as it was too steep and therefore we had to walk him out the front.  Homer has always been strong minded and a huge softy, he has been little trouble all his life and I owed him everything.

So here we are 3 weeks later.  He is on 4 legs, if a little stiff.  He enthusiastically moves around to get to food and on his walks.  He is walking at least 30 minutes a day now and comes into the unit which is safe and he can wonder around.  He is tackling the garden which although I find extremely frightening makes him happy.  The risk of the leg popping out is always going to be there and he needs at least another 3 weeks of being extra extra careful and he is still on pain killers – I am sure when eventually the sun and heat comes out he will be a lot more comfortable.  He will never be able to do the walks we did before as he is now officially old – very sad.

Along with the other 3 dogs I have been working tirelessly to ensure that not only Homer is comfortable but also that he is safe from being knocked by the others.  He is happy and back to being Homer most of the time.

I would not of been able to of managed without the Ruffwear Harness which he still wears full-time so I can grab him if needed.

Make the most of every moment with your dogs as you don’t know what is around the corner.

My nerves are trashed.  He is ever enthusiastic again and I am not sure he realises he needs to be careful.  I was walking the other day and suddenly he dropped to the ground!!!!!  He was rolling….  I avoid grass now.  I have had a mixture of emotions and have been close to tears during his recovery as he is so special.But I love him so much and cannot do enough for him.



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