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Chicken is one of the most common allergies in dogs

Is your dog itchy, suffer from continuous ear infections, always visiting the vets?  It may be down to diet. You may want to try a Chicken Free Diet.  You may want to try either Eden Country Cuisine, or Eden Fish Cuisine or alternatively the Clydach Dog Food is all Chicken Free.  Clydach also has a number of single source protein foods in their Duck, Lamb and Turkey recipes. Clydach have also launched their Venison with Salmon recipe this month which is a firm favourite with the dogs

Is your dog already on and 80/20 diet however no matter what you do with regards to the feeding guide they still suffer from a bad tummy.  Clydach can be easier on the stomach as although all natural ingredients it has less meat content that some dogs find easier to digest.. Also Eden have recently launched their first semi-moist diet, Duck and Tripe, which is also Chicken Free.

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