Job Title:CTD – Chief Toy Destroyer
Current Favourite Toy:Puller

Spud was originally a foster dog.  It’s wasn’t long before it happened…Spud became a statistic.  A ‘failed foster’ as we like to call it.  We fell in love with him and decided he wasn’t going anywhere but walking with me everyday!

We’ve really enjoyed watching Spud grow ‘into his paws’ so to speak.  It’s been an amazing educational experience for me, to see what a difference constant positive reinforcement training can have on a dog.  Spud has great recall, is great with other dogs…and VERY popular at the shows we attend.  Don’t get me wrong, we still have to work at it every day – but every day it’s that much better.


Job Title:Head of CR (Canine Resources)
Current Favourite Toy:“Sodapup Can Toy”

Harry, is my 2nd Failed Foster!  He is my second Doberman, however where as Lexi was easy, Harry is following what I now believe to be the usual Doberman madness.  He is truely amazing to train and when he is working is brilliant.  He has been a great teacher to me and I have learnt so much from him.  He suffers from Separation Anxiety and is also extremely lively.  He is always on the go and the perfect tester for all the treats and toys we have to see how long they last and keep him occupied.  He eats from a Buster Maze Bowl as just one of the many Enrichment Toys that we use to keep his brain working.  He does come into the unit with me and in order to keep him quiet he does have a variety of Stuffed toys which I stuff with his RAW Food.

[special_font size=”18″ unit=”px”]I love the Giant Bully Sticks! Harry[/special_font]

Job Title:PA to MD
Current Favourite Toy:Invincible Snake

Pippa, is a special girl. She is now my Old Lady however being a Dalmatian she is still lively and on her toes.  She is currently fuelled by Proflax Bone & Joint to help any aches and pains that she has due to getting older. She still loves her cuddly toys and particularly likes them if they squeak.  It brings out the Puppy in her!  We have replaced her dog bowl recently for the Petweighter Raised Bowl as it is weighted down and does not move as well as being raised and she finds it alot easier and enjoyable to eat her meals.

[special_font size=”18″ unit=”px”]I love the K9 Pursuits Snake! Pippa[/special_font]


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