Dog Training

With many years experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes and attending many courses I am so pleased to be able to offer the following.

I have a numbr of Training classes available which are suitable for all dogs from Puppies, Teenagers and older.

I have also added a number of One to One sessions if you would like some help outside of the class environment.  These are available in Weymouth and surrounding areas.

A Little Bit about Me

I have owned many dogs since leaving home many years ago, mostly rescues and for many years was a volunteer for The British Dalmatian Welfare, fostering, transporting and adopting!!!  I have also fostered for different Rescues which is where Harry and Spud came from.

I was a Dog Walker in Berkshire for many years, walking all sorts of dogs, which is where my passion for Dog Training and Behaviour came from.

I have attended courses, conferences, webinars through the IMDT, Vistoria Stillwell, Kamel Fernandez, Jo-Rosie Haffenden and The School of Canine Science and many others.

I have trained my own dogs with some of the top Dog Trainers in the country.  I have competed at Agility, although many years ago.

I am a qualified Real Dog Yoga Instructor.

I am currently studying with The School of Canine Science and The Dogenius to gain a much better understanding of Dog Behaviour as the science keeps advancing.  I am also studying Level 3 Canine Nutrition.

I have alot of experience with Reactive dogs owning 2 myself with very different needs, so am sympathic to other Dog Owners who have Reactive Dogs.


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