Although this dog food is not raw, but lightly steamed, MeatLove are 100% supporters of raw meat feeding as well as varied and diverse nutrition from fresh raw materials. They are emphatically committed to this principle in the production of our products, which should correspond as closely as possible to our ideal image of nutrition for dogs.  It does not need to be stored in a fridge or freezer whilst unopened but once opened must be kept in a fridge.

MeatLove can be added to your existing 5/5 rated dog food kibble or fed alone.

The hypoallergenic recipes are particularly suitable for dogs with allergies and food intolerances, but is also particularly advisable for dogs with diabetes mellitus, inflammatory pancreases and joint diseases (osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia) as well as epilepsy.

Their MEAT & trEAT is a sole feed that has been specifically developed as a healthy and species appropriate dog snack. The sausages have a firm consistency and can be easily and cleanly portioned in many small pieces – perfect for Dog Training.