PowAir Odour Eliminator

We have found that PowAir is the best Air Freshener for all Doggie smells and even for your boot cupboard.  It is also good for other smells of course!!!

If Something Smells Bad – It’s Time for PowAir!
Everyone who uses it knows… PowAir works great to make those bad smells disappear. Pets, garbage, smoke, germs, mildew, plants – all submit to the power of PowAir.

Made from Over 40 Essential Oils
It is a series of complex formulas, using essential oil technology, that are designed to simplify your odour control management. They attack, neutralise and destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours.
It can be applied to solids liquids or dispersed through the air – in small or large volumes. You can tackle any odour problem with PowAir.
PowAir products are non-toxic and environmentally safe – reducing work safety concerns and allowing for aggressive odour management programs.

PowAir is Powerful
PowAir is an industrial strength odour neutraliser available at consumer level. All the power you need to eliminate virtually any type of odour. If you have an odour problem; of virtually any type, use PowAir and it will be effectively eliminated.

Applications for PowAir
PowAir was originally developed for use in industrial applications to neutralise strong odours in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants. It uses three processes: absorption, adsorption and the “Pairs” Theory to virtually cancel out most organic and non-organic odours.
PowAir’s powerful odour neutralising capability makes it ideal for most commercial applications. Regardless of the source, it will get the job done. It is ideal for:
hotel/motel rooms – Breeze, Gel
sports locker rooms – Blocks, Mist and Mist Dispenser
garbage areas – Gel
confined areas – Gel
indoor gardens & greenhouses – Gel, Breeze
heating vents and ducts – Blocks, Gel
jobsite odours – Gel,
mildew odours – Gel
smoke odours – Gel, PowAir Mist
food odours – Gel, Mist, Breeze
food storage areas
old cellars – Gel, Breeze
meat and fruit drying areas

What type & size do I need?
Our odour removal products come in many different forms and sizes, which can make understanding which one best suits your needs difficult to decide. Read on for recommendations on what product to use and different ways to use them:
Remove Odours in Small Rooms & Areas

PowAir Spray
PowAir Spray is a professional grade odour neutraliser. Keep one anywhere odours are prevalent and spray as necessary. Can be used safely on natural fibre clothing or on Pets. Available in three scents: Apple Crumble, Tropical Breeze and Passion Fruit.

Eliminate Odours in Medium-Sized Rooms

PowAir Gel is the best solution to neutralise odours in large rooms and spacious areas. It is easy to disperse. Simply remove the lid of the jar or pail and let the PowAir evaporate into the air.
It works by evaporating and contacting odours in the air to get maximum results, circulate it with an economical, two speed breeze fan. It quietly and effectively distributes the Gel in a medium sized area.
Available in three scents: Tropical Breeze, Passion Fruit and Apple Crumble

Tips for Using PowAir Effectively
PowAir is a true odour neutraliser. It directly bonds with the odour molecules to render them null and inert – safely and completely.
In order to get total neutralisation, make sure that enough is dispensed into the air. The more odour required the more PowAir necessary. The strength of PowAir can be increased by increasing the surface area of gel exposed.

PowAir Neutralises All Known Odours
PowAir was originally developed for industrial use such as sewage treatment plants, animal rendering plants and oil production plants. It therefore has the power to eliminate any common odours that you might encounter.
Use to eliminate odours from cigarette & cigar smoke, burnt smells, bathrooms, skunk spray, rotten food, garbage disposal areas, indoor gardens, compost heaps, portable toilets, litter boxes, cooking or any other pungent, objectionable or noxious odours.

The Popular PowAir Scents
You can buy PowAir in three appealing scents:
Apple Crumble
Tropical Breeze
Passion Fruit

How Long Will it Last?
There are many different factors that can effect the lifetime of the product and its ability to remove odour’s from the environment; from temperature, humidity, size of room, distribution method, amount of odour to neutralise and whether the neutralisation is continuous or periodic. It is therefore only possible to estimate the number of hours lifetime based on an ambient room temperature in the appropriate sized environment.