Tough Durable Dog Toys

No toy is indestructible.  Whether your dog manages to destroy it in 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month or 1 year is variable from dog to dog.

Spud, my Staffie seems to NOT destroy toys, however I know that most Staffies do!!!  Hooch our Staffie Tester in Wales can virtually destroy everything so we also send toys to him.  Harry, my Doberman loves to destroy anything that is fabric in nature – some toys he can do this in a matter of minutes and some others take longer.  I do still give him these types of toys though as he loves the destruction so much!!!

The toys on this page have been tried and tested so that I can safely say to you that these toys usually last longer than most and are worth every bit of the money that they cost.

Some have guarantees from the manufacturer which is great and I have checked that using this guarantee is easy for you the customer to complete.

Your reviews are always helpful though so if you do get a toy that you think is brilliant then please review it, equally if you get a toy that is just not worth it then please also leave a review.  This will help other customers make an informed decision.

I must highlight though that regardless of breed what works for one dog can sometimes not work for another so I hope that we have selected enough for you to make your own informed decision.