Zogoflex by West Paws

Zogoflex® stands up to gnawing, chomping, biting, clawing, endless fetch and lots of tug-o-war.  It’s stretchy, bouncy, flexible and made to bend, not break.  That said, we do meet the rare dog who can defeat it.  If you feel that your Zogoflex® wasn’t up to snuff, you can get a free one-time replacement or refund.  You can now congratulate yourself on having a champion chewer as less than 1% of Zogoflex® gets returned!

Zogoflex Air

What type of dog is Zogoflex Air best for?

Designed for dogs that have an intense play drive and love to be active…on land and in water, chasing, fetching, and chewing, mouthing or gumming their toys. The durable squish makes Zogoflex Air great for dogs of all ages, especially teething puppies and dogs with old chompers.

What’s the difference between Zogoflex and Zogoflex Air

AIR TECHNOLOGY – We inject an all-natural chemical-free foaming agent into our durable Zogoflex material, creating pockets of air that make the toys “give” a little when clenched between a dog’s jaws. With a durable, subtle squish, Zogoflex Air feels softer to your pup’s tough chompers than it does to your hand.