Be the talk of your walk, with this super warm and cosy dog puffer jacket!

In contrasting reversible red and navy, your dog can wear a different style depending on your mood. The vibrant red will make your pooch stand out and the Hugo & Hudson signature navy will show your classic style.

Practical and stylish, the red & navy dog puffer jackets are water repellent and filled with a high-quality stuffing making them super warm and cosy.

With a zip fastening for easy fitting and a hole to attach you lead to your dog’s collar, getting your dog ready for a walk is a ‘walk in the park’!

Our Puffer Jackets have a hole at the back of the neck which is usually for the attachment of a collar, but do not have a hole for a harness.

SizeBack Length – AChest Size B
XS-2522 – 25 cm36 – 38 cm
XS-3027 – 30 cm43 – 45 cm
S-3027 – 30 cm57 – 59 cm
S-3532 – 35 cm45 – 47 cm
M-4038 – 40 cm63 – 66 cm
M-4542 – 45 cm62 – 64 cm
M-4744 – 47 cm69 – 72 cm
M-5047 – 50 cm76 – 78 cm
L-5552 – 55 cm77 – 79 cm
L-6562 – 65 cm87 – 89 cm