1kg bag filled with yummy portioned meals from locally sourced free-range chicken along with lamb tripe, bone and offal to make sure your dog has a complete meal which is easy to defrost and serve in portions ideal for your dog.  Portioned into 10 x 100g

These meals are made from a coarse mince (8mm if you really want to know!) of locally sourced free range chicken chunks, lamb tripe, chicken carcass  and beef offal. A coarse mince texture gives your dog a chance to exercise their jaw muscles from chewing leaving them more mentally and physically satisfied. Win win.

They do the really, really hard part for you by carefully measuring everything out, mincing it and then making it into individual meal-sized portions. That way your dog gets a meal that has the correct 80/10/10 ratio which is considered a complete balanced raw meal and you get a mess free, easy way of giving it to them.