This is what I feed Homer who is a stone former which is common in dalmatians.

A low-purine diet is key to maintain healthy kidneys

– Low in fat

– Contains 75% fresh meat and bone.



Sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.



British Beef Green Tripe, British Chicken with Bone, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients? Click here for more information

Bulk ordering starts at 80kgs (160 x 500g or 58 x 1.4kg). If you wish to make up an 80kg order please order via the telephone on 01276 63554.



  • Moisture 69.1%,
  • Protein  14.2%,
  • Fat  7.9%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter) 3.4%,
  • Fibre  2.6%

Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients

Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids

Fat includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated

Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed

Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

  • Carbohydrates  3.4%
  • Omega-3 fatty acid  mg/100g 2.86
  • Omega-6 fatty acid  mg/100g 0.57
  • Calcium    1.2%
  • Phosphorus    0.8%
  • Potassium    0.5%
  • Vitamin A IU/100g 75
  • Vitamin C mg/100g 5.7
  • Vitamin D IU/100g 17
  • Vitamin E mg/100g 1.8
  • B6 mg/100g <0.01
  • B12 mcg/100g 0.6

Calcium / Phosphorus ratio 1.5/1

Minimum guidelines by F.E.D.I.A.F. Adult: 1/1, Early Growth and Reproduction:1/1, Late Growth: 1/1