Save money by buying one of our box deals.  This lovely chunky mince is a firm favourite with all dogs

10 x 1kg mixed proteins.

This months box deal contains the following:

Chicken Beef Offal
Chicken Tripe Offal
Turkey Lamb Offal
Chicken Salmon Offal
Turkey Tripe Offal
Lamb Offal (boneless)
Beef Offal
Duck Beef Offal
Duck Tripe Offal
Goose Beef Offal

NEW IN – 20 x 500g Minces

This months 500g Box Deal contains the following

Rabbit with Fur

Beef & Offal

Lamb & Offal

Chicken Rabbit & Offal

Lamb, Tripe & Offal

Duck , Beef & Offal

Duck, Rabbit & Offal

Goose, Beef & Offal

Turkey, Lamb & Offal

This may change depending on stock levels.  There is a variation if you would like NO CHICKEN.