Swing ‘n Fling DuraFoam Fetch BALL

Virtually indestructible ball designed for flying far and perfect for retrieval or tug of war games.

Swing ‘n Fling DuraFoam Fetch BALL<span class='tm lazyload'>™</span>

A Ball that Does It All

Great to tug, shake chew and toss. Even floats in water.

Designed for Interactive Play

Flies far, fun for you to throw and easy for your dog to retrieve.

Unique Durable Design

With no cover to chew off, it’s safer than a tennis ball.

This ball is perfect for all dogs that love to play but also for dogs that do not know how to play.  We have had these balls for a number of years for a specific game of retrieve as when they bring it back they get another one thrown.  Great for tugging and also great for throwing into water.  I can honestly say that these last forever with a growing amount of tooth marks.

Size – Medium is a standard Tennis Ball Size