The perfect festive fetch and retrieve toy designed with hours of entertainment in mind, the Good Boy Reindeer Thrower has a charming reindeer design for even more fun, suitable for all breeds and a great addition to your dog’s toy box.

Made with a range of textures and colours to keep your dog engaged and interested, the Good Boy Reindeer Thrower is bright and bouncy, great for dogs that love to play! Featuring an unstuffed hat that is perfect for swinging and flinging, it encourages essential exercise and healthy activity, with a fun, festive touch for christmas! With a durable rubber inner it withstands hours of active play, suitable for all breeds and with a soft, snuggly outer that is perfect for cuddling once playtime is over.

  • Perfect for festive games of fetch
  • Made with high quality materials and fabrics, with a range of textures to engage your dog
  • With an adorable reindeer design perfect for Christmas!
  • Featuring a durable rubber ball inner for long lasting using and intense games of fetch
  • With an unstuffed hat design perfect for flinging and swinging, extending games of fetch!
  • With a soft, snuggly outer great for cuddling and comforting when playtime is over
  • A fantastic festive addition to your dog’s toy box
  • Guarantees tons of fun and multiple play sessions
  • Great for dogs of all sizes, suitable for all breeds
  • Fulfils your dog’s natural hunting and chasing instincts
  • Encourages healthy activity including thrashing, shaking and more
  • A great interactive toy, perfect for play between pet and owner or multiple dogs
  • Perfect for play indoors and outdoors