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As every Hoochie the Staffie is still giving the toys a good test and still more are failing than winning the battle against Hoochies jaw.  This is invaluable and up to date feedback can be found on our facebook and twitter pages.

Unfortunately in May this year I woke up to find my beautiful Lexi had passed away.  She was only 8 and had been hunting the night before.  I think she had gone to get up and had a heart attack.  She is still on the Meet the Testers page as I am still grieving her loss as it was so sudden and she is a real hole in our family.

However this week we collected Harry, an 11 week old Doberman who came into rescue as he was and is very nippy and the owners had a 5 year old child who is bit  ( although maybe more nipping – but he does have really razor like teeth).  We are not sure if we will keep him yet and have agreed to foster and I will work on his mouthing and try to settle him more.  So he has joined Spud, Homer and Pippa with us for the near future.  Today was his first day with us and he is exhausted.  I think he will become our chief tester with time as he really is into everything.

He has gone straight onto Eden Dog Food and is on 4 meals a day at the moment as he is a little skinny.  I will let you know how he get on.

More info on him and up to date info on everything else can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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